Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery / Otoplasty / Prominent ear correction

Who would consider Otoplasty?

Otoplasty surgery is performed on both children and adults to correct protruding ears (bat ears).

Some people with prominent ears may want them corrected to improve their appearance. Children with prominent ears may get teased, particularly during school years. Adults with prominent ears may have low self confidence. For these reasons many people consider corrective surgery.

What does Otoplasty surgery involve?

Otoplasty is an operation which reshapes the cartilage within the ear to create the missing folds and bring the ear closer to the side of the head. It is performed through an incision behind the ear.

What results can I expect following Otoplasty surgery?

The head bandage dressing will be removed after one week. A head band is then worn over the ears for a further 2 weeks.

There may be some discomfort early, but this is usually only mild. Children and adults tolerate this type of surgery well. Mild bruising and swelling usually resolves between 1-2 weeks. The improvement in the ear shape and position are seen immediately and are long lasting. The scar behind the ear usually fades well over 6-12 months.

An improvement in self esteem and confidence are commonly experienced by both children and adults undergoing Otoplasty surgery.

All of the potential complications and risks of Otoplasty surgery will be discussed in detail with you at your consultation with Dr Pyragius.