Breast Reduction

Who would consider a breast reduction?

  • Women who have large breasts that are heavy or out of proportion to their body
  • Women who experience shoulder, neck and back pain due to breast heaviness
  • Women who are restricted in physical activities by their large breasts
  • Women who have skin irritation, rash or hygiene issues due to large breasts.

What does a breast reduction procedure involve?

Breast reduction involves the removal of excess breast tissue and skin. The smaller breast is reshaped with the nipple in an improved position. Different techniques may be used depending on your breast size and shape. All techniques result in a scar around the nipple and commonly a scar underneath the breast.

Most women return to low demand work by 2 weeks. It is advised that strenuous activities be avoided for 6 weeks following the surgery.

What results can I expect?

After surgery temporary bruising, swelling and tenderness may occur. Nipple sensitivity may be reduced following the procedure which improves in the majority of women over time.

Within a few weeks of breast reduction surgery most women start to experience benefits. Improved posture, and reduced shoulder, neck and back pain commonly occur. The scars on the breast commonly fade within 6-12 months.

Some women are no longer able to breastfeed following breast reduction surgery, however most women retain the ability to do so.

The end result is a smaller and more proportionate breast size and shape. Increased levels of physical activity, and improved self confidence are also frequently experienced.

All of the potential complications and risks of breast reduction surgery will be discussed in detail with you at your consultation with Dr Pyragius.